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Zdenek Bardon

Location of Photo:

The Czech republic (EU)

Date/Time of photo:

25.October 2006, 18:00-18:40UTC


FSQ-106 Takahashi - main telescope ST-2000XM - CCD camera G-11 Gemini Losmandy mount 76ED Borg - guide telescope ST-7XE - as guider CCD camera


My comet image is sum of 20 images of 60 second exposures. Basic processing was made by the MaxIm DL 4.56. I calibrated the 20 light frames with master dark and flat frames after I aligned light frames on the centroid of the comet's nucleus with combination of the images using the Median filter Output. The result was an image of the comet's head. This one was subtracted from the other 20 light frames and result were 20 light frames without comet. So I aligned light frames according to the stars and combined 20 light frames to one image. Then I added the image of star with the image of comet's head and final processing was done by Photoshop CE. I took it on 25 October 2006 from 18:00 UT to 18:40 UT.




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