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Location of Photo:

Khar Turan national park, Shahrud, Iran

Date/Time of photo:

28 Jan 2023


Canon 6D Modified Canon lens 16-35 at 31mm


As the Green comet, C/2022 E3 (ZTF) spends its closest distance to Earth and has enough brightness to see by the naked eye but not easy, I decided to spend one of my darkest nights in Khar Turan national park. Magnitude +6.5 is the approximate limit of stars observed by a mean naked-eye observer under very good conditions like this. The Polaris and the Comet ZTF are shining over a clay-built house in the Central desert in Iran. A unique desert with valuable plants and outstanding animal species like the black saxaul tree and Persian leopard. There are plenty of villages inside the national park whose residents are in direct contact with nature and shaped their lifestyle, stories, and myths by it. The inspiring night sky is an important part of nature which used by desert people for navigation, timing, and agriculture. Details: 28/Jan/2023 01:47 pm 8*60 sec using a star tracker f2.8 ISO 4000 Canon 6D Modified Canon lens 16-35 at 31mm