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Jeff Reitzel

Location of Photo:

Chubbuck, ID

Date/Time of photo:

6/22-28, 2022


Stellarvue SVX 127D, QHY268M Camera, Astronomik 6nm Narrowband filters, Paramount MyT mount.


NGC 6888, The Crescent Nebula in Cygnus. Like the Tulip Nebula this one is also the result of collisions from multiple shock waves. In this case emanating from a Wolf Rayet star and an older red giant shedding its outer shell. This is also an attempt to capture the ethereal, nearly invisible Soap Bubble Nebula. This extremely faint planetary is rarely seen in images. Known as PN G75.5+1.7. It is so faint and small that it wasn't even discovered until 2008. It can be seen below the Crescent and to the left of center in this image.