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Mahdi Naseri

Location of Photo:

Tehran, Iran

Date/Time of photo:



Lens: GSO 8" Newtonian F/stop: f/4 Focal Length: 800mm Exposure: 1*4 sec Mount: EQ5 Camera: Canon EOS 50D modified ISO: 400


When the moon is in crescent, we see an attractive phenomenon: The Moon's Earthshine. What is the Earthshine? Earthshine is a faint glow on the dark side of the Moon. This faint glow is the reflected of sunlight from the Earth. The best time to see the Earthshine is the 1-5 day period before or after a New Moon, when the Moon is in crescent. In this photo you can see the Earthshine and two stars near the Moon. Photography from Earthshine is attractive, Because in such photos we can see a differ photo from other photos. Photo by: Mahdi Naseri Edit by: Farshad.S




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