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Angel Camacho

Location of Photo:

Bethel, CT (Backyard)

Date/Time of photo:

Aug 29 & 30 from 10pm-2am


Barndoor Mount with unmodded 50D and 50mm 1.8 (@f/4). I also used an Astronomik CLS clip filter to try and bring out the North American Nebula more. Over the course of two nights: 80-90x(30s,1min,2min,4min and one 8min) 30 darks 20-25 flats 20-25 dark flats about 30 bias Stacked in DSS and processed in photoshop.


This is the Cygnus area of Milky Way, an area I've been practicing on most of the summer. I'm amazed at how rich this area is on a clear night! This image is the result of many nights of practice, both in learning the process of imaging and how to handle in post work.




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