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Location of Photo:

36°22'48.0"N 50°45'34.2"E - Alamut Valley - Alborz - Iran

Date/Time of photo:

14 December 2020


Canon 6D Modified Camera ISO 5000 16-35 @16 mm Canon lens f/2.8 20.00 secs Combined 23 shots for the Sky & foreground


Winter is coming when people are in pandemic and Covid lockdown restrict people exit the cities & close most of the public places. But here close to the biggest light pollution in Iran a dance party is running in the sky. At the north western point of the Alborz Province -Province which Recently Separated from the Capital Tehran- in the middle of Alamut Valley near the Assassins Castle of Alamut Qazvin, there is a safe place for star gazer which was the safe place for the residents of the castle and has very dark sky, many important wildlife and plants in the countryside. e.g. Persian Leopard and Juniper Trees -You could find the wild field of this worthful plant in the picture- ready for thousands of perfect dancers! The Geminids play a key role in this scene. Geminids meteor shower create wonderful moments in the end of December night. Gemini Constellation -in the Centre- The Twin ♊︎ Gods United together and keep dancing with others in the party. Fireworks began and we enjoy these moments hope for better future for people all over the world.




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