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Piotr Dzikowski

Location of Photo:

Greece, New Itylo

Date/Time of photo:

August, 2013


Canon EOS 6D, EF24-105 f/4 IS USM set at 105mm, f/4.5 ISO 2500


The brightest star is called Altair, which is located between yellow and orange stars. Yellow one is called Alshain (Eagle in Persian) and it is 42 light years from Earth. Our Sun would look like it if it were observed from such a distance. The orange one is called Terazed. Eagle is a small but beautiful area along the Milky Way visible in the evening sky from June to December. The photo contains a number of dark nebulae, of which the most interesting is the shape of the letter E and is placed west (right) of orange Terazeda. The image is the composition of 13 individual images 2 minutes each.


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