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Location of Photo:

Northwest Missouri

Date/Time of photo:

Febuary 25-2022


Orion 8 inch f3.9 Newtonian, Canon 60D, AVX mount


The double star cluster in constellation Perseus, these clusters can be seen with your naked eye in the northern hemisphere below the big W shape constellation Casssiopeia. Open clusters form when giant molecular clouds of gas collapse under there own gravity. The cluster to the left is NGC 884, the one on the right is NGC 869. Taken Northwest Missouri at the Backyard country observatory, using a Orion 8 inch f3.9 newtonian astrograph, with a coma correcter. Canon 60d unmodified, autoguider orion starshoot 60mm guide scope, all on a celestron AVX mount. 6 hours of 2 minutes subs RAW exposures, ISO-1000