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Michal Zolnowski



Location of Photo:

El Teide Volcano - Tenerife Island

Date/Time of photo:

8.07.2008 Midnight


Canon 40D unmodified, 17-85 IS Canon Lens


This image was made during astroimaging in Tenerife Island at 2300 meters. Behind my Friends and me is El Teide volcano. Five Mounts is making astrophotography. Exposition time is 15 minutes. Autodark extraction is applied. ISO 1600. Except red astrolights no extra light was used to make this image. El Teide volcano and all surroundings were iluminated only by light of Milky Way, Jupiter and stars. It was new moon time. In the Sky on the left are Ursa Major startrails. In the center of the Circle off course Polaris. Better resolution is here: http://www.starrysite.com/index.php?m=Galleries&a=ShowGalleryImage&gc_id=11&gi_id=454 Higher resolution also available


www.starrysite.com than click "ZDJECIA"


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