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Location of Photo:

Stillwater Lake, NS

Date/Time of photo:

September 21, 2021


Explore Scientific 127mm Carbon fibre scope with ASI294MM camera with Optolong narrowband filters


CTB 1 / Abell 85 or LBN 576 is a very faint Supernova Remnant in the constellation of Cassiopeia. It is located approximately 9780 light years away, spans approx 98 light years in diameter and is thought to be around 10,000 years old. It is also known as the Popped Balloon or Garlic Nebula. This is probably my 10th attempt at processing this image and I'm quite pleased with the final result. I captured this data back in August when the moon wasn't around to get the best chance at capturing this faint target. I tried a number of times before deciding to park the data for a while and move on to other targets. I was feeling inspired to give this one more try last night so away I went. I used a combination of processing techniques aimed at managing the stars throughout the process and ended up with something usable. I certainly spent more time on processing than capture for this one!