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Peter Hannah

Location of Photo:

IC Astronomy, Oria, Spain

Date/Time of photo:

May 2024


Planewave CDK 14, 10Micron GM2000 mount, FLI Proline P9000 CCD camera, Astrodon LRGB filters


The Elephant’s Trunk is the name given to this small part of the giant IC1396 gas cloud, which is glowing in the radiation from a very bright triple-star system of O-type stars (HD206267), which is out of sight to the left of the field. This view combines a standard set of LRGB exposures with a deep H-alpha narrowband image, which provides most of the red ionized hydrogen component. The field of view in this image is 49 arc-minutes square. South is up. Exposure times: Lum 13hrs, Red 7.5hrs, Green 9hrs, Blue 9hrs, H-alpha 27hrs.