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Location of Photo:

Facing North on Main Street and Prairie Lea in downtown Lockhart, TX

Date/Time of photo:

4/7/2014 between 7:45-and 7:50pm


Samsung Galaxy cell phone camera :)


We were hiding under an awning in downtown Lockhart due to the storm and hail scare. After the threat was gone of hail, I pulled out to leave. I was at the crossroads of Main St. facing North, and Prairie Lea St. I realized I had to take this picture because the street was beautiful in its after storm appearance. The churning black clouds meeting up with the beauty of the street took my breath away. I pulled out my cell phone and snapped the picture and immediately there was a thunder clap and I quickly drove away. When I got home, I opened up the picture and was shocked to see a meteor made it's way into my photograph.


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