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Location of Photo:

San Carlos, CA

Date/Time of photo:

November 19-22, 2022


Takahashi FSQ-106EDXIII, QHY600M-PH, Astro-Physics 900GTO, Chroma 3nm SHO filters, QHYCFW-L, QHYOAG-M


In the depths of Auriga, two dusty tadpoles race through a gaseous pond, trapped by a blazing field of ionized sulfur and hydrogen. The Flaming Star Nebula (right) and Tadpole Nebula (left) are emission nebulae 1500-12000 light-years away. Open cluster NGC 1893 has sculpted the Tadpole Nebula into the cosmic pond we see today, while AE Aurigae has carved the ridges of the Flaming Star. Stars removed during digital editing Ha 61 x 300s, Oiii 61 x 300s, Sii 61 x 300s, 20 gain, 1x1 binning, 15 hours 15 minutes total