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Location of Photo:

Lewisville, TX

Date/Time of photo:

January 11, 2021 7:20 - 9:05 P.M.


To take this photo I used my Redcat 51 on a Nikon D500 modified (broadband, passive cooling) with an LP filter. Mount and tripod Sky Watcher EQR5


I probably began a little early. I noticed after finishing my lights that I had plenty of time while Orion was higher in the sky to get my subs before the roof eclipsed my target. I did 28 lights, 20 darks, 20 flats and 100 bias. Light and darks at 180 seconds with 10 second intervals to let sensor cool a bit. ISO was 100, but I could have probably scooted the histogram a bit more to the right of center for better luminosity in the nebulae. Processed in DSS and Photoshop CC 2021 using Astro Toolkit and GradientXTerminator.


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