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Nikunj Rawal

Location of Photo:

Mount Abu, India

Date/Time of photo:

1st June 2017 at 00:30 am


Canon 1100D Camera with Tokina 11 mm lens on a fixed tripod


Visiting 1.2 meter 'Visible-Infrared Astronomical Observatory', Dept of Space, Physical Research Laboratory at 5,500 feet height at Mount Abu over Aravali Mountain Range, Rajasthan, India is worth inspiring, exciting & memorable for a lifetime. Planet Saturn with star Antares in Scorpion and Milkyway was rising after midnight at 22 degree latitude of India. It was a cold breeze under dark starrynight. I wanted to shoot a beautiful rose flowers plant and milkyway both in one shot. It was a dark night so asked my colleague to throw an extra light in frame. Those remote lights is a city of Mount Abu and a peak of Aravali Mountain is visible at horizon. Full night stay, Inversion Atmospheric Layer, Understanding functioning of IR Telescope, Observations of SuperNovas, Spectroscopic analysis, Dark Starrynight, Awesome milkyway, Delicious food and wonderful people there are unforgettable experience.




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