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Location of Photo:

Stouffville, Ontario (Bortle 7)

Date/Time of photo:

June 2, 2021


ASI294MM-P, 2” Optolong Ha (7nm), Oiii (6.5nm), R,G,B, CGEM-DX Mount


It was very difficult to process this target as I have only got 17 hours of data over 3 separate nights and I understand some other people have collected close to 100 hours of data for this dim target. Flying bat and squid nebula, Ou4, Sh2-129. It was discovered in 2011 by French astro-imager Nicolas Outters. The red and blue-green color regions are the emission regions from Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms respectively. The flying bat (red) is too big to fit in the view of my 80mm refractor with 294MM-P camera. The squid part (blue-green) fits my view perfectly. Location and Bortle Scale: Bortle 7, Southern Ontario Camera: ASI294MM-P Scope: SW Evostar 80 Mount: CGEM-DX Filters: 2” Optolong Ha (7nm), Oiii (6.5nm), R,G,B ZWO 2”x7 Wheel Exposures: Oiii: 67x600s, -15C, 400gain; Ha: 67x600s, -5C, 400gain; Each of RGB 7x180s, -5C, 200gain; Total exposures ~ 17 hours Darks: 30 @ -15C; 30 @ -5C (it got so warm at night I can’t let the TEC run over 60% constantly) Flats: 30 Flats EACH for Ha, Oiii, R, G and B. Check here for my workflow and full resolution: https://astrob.in/full/76ce1n/0/