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Location of Photo:

Observatorio Astronòmico Felix Aguilar

Date/Time of photo:

april 8th 2016 / 21:17


sony a7 / 24mmx1.5=36mm


One night shooting for a film called el camino eterno, we where loocking for some spots for astrophotos and notice some movement in the dark, we thought that there where dogs around but when we turned the lights on there where Foxes, OAFA, foxes followed us because they wanted some food, I made some noice and called this little fox´s attention, I put the camera on the floor, turn the light on for 1 or 2 sec and I was able to get this lucky shot of a fox under the magellanic cloud and canopus. Night photographers often face this type of situations where there are animals around us and since we are in the dark, we just can´t see them. This is one lucky shot: f1.8 / 8seconds / iso 6400 / 24mmx1.5=36mm Credits: Sergio Montúfar Acknowledge: Planetario Ciudad de La Plata / Observatorio Astronómico Felix Aguilar




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