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Milton Aupperle

Location of Photo:

Mistusinne Saskatchewan and urban Calgary Alberta

Date/Time of photo:

2010 to 2012


Astro Tech RC 8" and Celestron SCT 8" scopes, "tuned" SkyWatcher HEQ5 mount, imaging and guide cameras are Point Grey Research Grasshopper 16 bit FireWire cameras, Astro IIDC used for guiding, image capture and processing. The inset Galaxies were shot at 1200 mm (SCT with Focal Reducer) to 1600 mm (RC8" Prime Focus) focal lengths, then reduced by 25% to fit on the page - so the insets are all close to the same relative scale for comparison. The M33 background image was shot at 1600 mm focal length and was actual size. Exposure times were usually 16 minutes luma binned 1x1 and then 4 minutes Red, 4 minutes Green, 5 minutes Blue binned 2x2. This collage represents about 31 hours of actual imaging time on the scope. I have a much higher resolution Tiff (39.1 megabytes) or PNG (18.5 megabytes ) version (4200 x 3302 pixels) which prints off at 300 DPI onto 14" x 11" paper which may be useful if you would decide to print it in the magazine. I have given these out as poster sized Christmas gifts to friend and family


The background is M33 northern core area with 13 inset images of other Galaxies which are 3 million to 300 million light years away. From top to bottom, left to right we have: Top Row: M51, NGC4565, M82 Upper Middle Row: NGC6946, NGC2903 Lower Middle Row: M65, M64, Stephan's Quintet Bottom Row: NGC891, NGC7640, M66, NGC7331 and M81




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