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Howard Trottier

Location of Photo:

Cabin in the Sky Observatory, South Okanagan, BC Canada

Date/Time of photo:

Fall 2013, processing completed November 2016


PlaneWave CDK17, Paramount ME, Apogee U16M camera, Astrodon Filters


(This version down sampled X3 to fit 150k limit.) Known as the Perseus cluster, this swarm of galaxies lies at a distance of about 250 million light-years, and is part of the much larger Pisces-Perseus supercluster, which contains over than 1,000 galaxies! At the distance of the cluster, the field of view spans about 15 million light years. Scan the image up close, and you'll spot many "faint fuzzies", galaxies that are unassociated with the cluster, and much more distant: some of those smudges are a few billion light years away!




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