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Location of Photo:

Sao Paulo-SP-Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

April 26, 2020


Equipment MEADE LX200 10 "UHTC ZWO Optical ASI 290 MC Filter: Baader Planetarium L 1.25 " Accessory: TeleVue Powermate 2.5x


It was the first time that I got some detail on Jupiter's moons, I did a processing of a unique video, focused only on the natural satellite, so the image of Jupiter doesn't come out very well, but I preferred to leave it like that rather than make composition. I got the focus right and also the day. Ganymede discovered by Galileo Galilei, is the main natural satellite of Jupiter, being bigger than the planet Mercury. xX The image in its upper left corner is just a reference image Xx


https://www.astrobin.com/full/ru1j37/0/ ... real=&mod=


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