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Bijan Moravej alahkami

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Canon EOS 6D mod 20mm sigma


Gate of Farafer In this photo the orion constellation Top left and (Pleiades) Top rightare visible This place is Sar yazd village, located in Yazd city, Iran. It is said that ancient Yazd (the first clay city and the second historical city of the world registered on UNESCO), has started from here. This ancient structure, standing on the edge of Yazd, is of disputed origin. Estimated to be at least 1000 years old, it may represent the only remaining wall of a domed mausoleum or it may have been constructed as a gateway to the town. Either way, it makes for a good photographic opportunity as it frames a modern sculpture of Arash the Archer, a figure drawn from Persian mythology, that sits in the field nearby Body: Canon EOS 6D Modded Lens: Sigma 20 mm f :1/4 @4.5 Exposure Time: 8s By : Bijan Moravej alahkami Insta : Bijan_Moravej_alahkami