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Shawn Quinn

Location of Photo:

Eastern Oregon near the Sheep Rock Unit of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Date/Time of photo:

21 August 2017 10:24 AM PDT


Nikon D810, Nikon 200-500mm lens at 500mm f/8, AstroTrac Tracking Mount, Solar Eclipse Maestro Software running on Mac Book Air


This is my best attempt at producing an image of the eclipse that captured what as I viewed it with my own eyes through binoculars. It is a composite of 53 Raw images (7360x4912 pixels each) combined using the Pellet method (Gerald L. Pellett, Sky and Telescope, January 1998). Regulus and Nu Leonis as well as several other stars are visible in this image. Exposures varied from 1/2000 of a second to 3.0 seconds.


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