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Mahdi Zamani

Location of Photo:

Kish Islan, Iran

Date/Time of photo:



Camera: Canon 30D


Why this ship has not moved during the four hours of exposing, although it is on the water? Forty years ago, this ship, known as Greek Ship, ran aground in northeast shore of Kish Island located in Persian Gulf in south of Iran and could never reach its destination, Greece. Even after eighty days of struggle a Dutch tugboat could not pull the ship off the ground. The beautiful scene of Greek Ship at dusk has become a tourist attraction. This photo, created by merging 536 photos, shows this scene without any manipulation. The ship is lit by light pollution of the beach. The lights of the commercial ferries are recognizable in the horizon. Moreover, the traces of Venus and Jupiter are visible at the center of the photo. Currently, these two planets can be seen easily in the sky at dusk.




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