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Location of Photo:

Ytre Enebakk, Norway

Date/Time of photo:

28th of Ferbuary and 14th and 15th of March


Optics: Epsilon 180ed 8" f/2.8 Camera: QSI 583wsg Guider: Lodestar via OAG Mount: EM-200 Temma 2m


This area contains several dark nebulae, LDN1158, LDN1157, LDN1148 and LDN1155 amongst others but also an object called Gyulbudaghian's Nebula, named after Armenian astronomer Armen Gyuldubaghian who discovered it in 1977. This bright yellowish, fan-shaped structure is a so-called Herbig-Haro object, which means it is a newborn star (in this case PV Cephei) shooting out two jets of gas in opposite directions from it's north and south poles. In this image we can only see one of the jets as the other one is mostly obscured by dark molecular dust. This object catalogued HH215 or GN 20.45.4, is actually changing in intensity over only a few years, which is quite fast in astronomical timescales. Luckily, the HH215 was really bright at the time of these exposures, -in images shot no longer than four years ago the fan is hardly visible. HH215 can be seen by zooming in on the large version of the image following the link to my flickr-page.




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