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Alan Gillespie

Location of Photo:

McKenzie Pass, Oregon

Date/Time of photo:

7/11/21 1:00 am


Olympus 50mm F1.8 Lens, Canon SL1, Meade motorized tripod


Heart of the Milky Way A two panel mosiac shot from McKenzie Pass at 1:00am on Sunday 7/11/21. Nifty Fifty Olympus Lens on Canon SL1 on Meade (CG-1?) motorized tripod. Each panel composed of 93 exposures of 30 seconds each at F4 and ISO 3200. Processed with Raw Therapee, Deep Sky Stacker, RNC Color Strech, Image Composite Editor, Photoshop CS2, Affinity Photo, StarNet++, and Windows Photo Gallery.