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Michael Zolnowski



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Date/Time of photo:

24.11.2007 8.00 PM


Canon 40d and 17-85 IS lens


Hello from Poalnd, This Picture I made coming back to home a few days ago. I stopped my car at the Highway and using my Canon 40D with image stabilization made this set of pictures. It was full Moon and comet Holmes was very hard to see. The Traffic was very heavy, especially with big trucks. I was in my car and to make sharp image when the truck was not passing was easy. But I wanted to obtain picture of Holmes “eclipsed” by truck. When truck was covering Comet strong blow of wind shook my car and it is the reason why Stars are doubled. It was not possible to obtain sharp image at this moment. I enhanced using Photoshop image of comet to make it better visible and copied as BW. I think this is first picture of an comet eclipsed by truck : ) ON the right side is off course overexposed Moon. Every image has ISO 1600 and 4 seconds. Excuse my for my English. I made my best!. Clear sky! Michael Zolnowski




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