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martin ascherl

Location of Photo:

Sierra Remote Observatories near Fresno, California

Date/Time of photo:

Sept, Oct, Nov 2020


Images obtained in September/October/November 2020 at Sierra Remote Observatories near Fresno, California Astrodon CRGB filters Clear: 36 x 20 minutes = 12 hours binned 1x1 Red, green, blue =16 x 15 minutes each = 4hours binned 2x2 Total exposure time =24 hours RCOS 20 inch, Paramount ME II, SBIG 11K with AOL Acquired with The Sky X, Processed with PixInsight.


IC 1613 is an irregular dwarf galaxy, 2.3 million light years from earth. It was discovered in 1906 by Max Wolf. There is little dust associated with it which enables many background galaxies to be seen through it. IC 1613 helped astronomers work out how to utilize variable stars to determine the expansion rate of the universe. IC 1613 most closely resembles the nearby, transition-type dwarf galaxy Pegasus. There are many blue star clusters and there is a bright HII region in the upper left.




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