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Howard H Bower

Location of Photo:

Chandler, AZ

Date/Time of photo:



Imaging Telescope - Takahashi FSQ106ED@F/5 Imaging Camera - FLI ML16803 Mount - AP Mach 1 GTO AutoGuider - SX Lodestar & Astrodon MOAG


IC 443, the Jellyfish Nebula, is a supernova remnant, in the constellation Gemini, that occurred about 7500 years ago. It is one of the best studied cases of supernova remnants, interacting with surrounding molecular clouds. IC 443 is at an estimated distance of 5,000 light-years. The large nebula, to the left and to the top of the image, is the emission nebula Sh2-249... at a distance of approximately 5200 light years.


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