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Andre van der Hoeven

Location of Photo:

HI-Ambacht, NL

Date/Time of photo:



Telescope: TEC-140 Camera: QSI-583 Mount: Skywatcher NEQ-6


Barnard 344 is a dark nebula in the constellation of Cygnus. It’s located close to the star Sadr in the Gamma Cygni Nebula (RA: 20h18m57.4s DEC: +40º 40′ 01″). Barnard 344 is located on the bottom of the image. This region is very rich of dark and emission nebulae. On the image also VanDenBergh 130, a reflection nebula in this region, can be seen. LBN234 is an emission nebula glowing with hydrogen and sulphur. Barnard 344 was described by Barnard himself as: “Dusky spot, 7′ long; like an arrowhead, pointed SW; small star at NE end”. This image is a combination of narrowband imagery with RGB images taken during a number of nights in July 2013. H-alpha: 6 x 1800 s (3nm astrodon) SII: 3 x 1800 s (3nm astrodon) OIII: 4 x 1800 s (3nm astrodon) RGB: (4,4,4) x 600 s (astrodon TrueRGB) Total exposure time: 8.5 hours




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