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Sona Shahani Shukla

Location of Photo:

New Delhi India

Date/Time of photo:

07/07/21 03:21am (IST)


8' Skywatcher Flextube Dobsonian, ZWO ASI 178MC, SvBony UV/IR Filter, 2.5x Televue Powermate, EQ Platform


Io the volcanic moon rounding Jupiter on 7th July early morning. Io is roughly the size of Earth's moon but 2,000 times farther away. Io appears to be skimming Jupiter's cloud tops, but it's actually 310, 000 miles (500,000 kilometers) away. Io zips around Jupiter in 1.8 days, whereas the moon circles Earth every 28 days. The conspicuous black spot on Jupiter is Io's shadow and is about the size of the moon itself (2,262 miles or 3,640 kilometers across). This shadow sails across the face of Jupiter at 38,000 mph (17 kilometers per second).