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Fausto Mella

Location of Photo:

Cislago Lombardy ITALY

Date/Time of photo:

10/14/2007 17h 22m 17s CEU


Canon 350D at 1/250 sec on TeleVue Ranger 70mm 480mm FL, Mylar Filter, 11 exposures with two successful pictures of ISS over the sun, Vixen Porta Altazimuth Mount. Timing for exposures given by CalSky for Cislago (North of Italy). Total duration of the transit: 3.62 seconds.


The picture freezes the transit of the ISS over the Sun in Cislago as exactly predicted and calculated by CalSky. The diameter of ISS is 15 arcsec. With such very simple equipment ISS transit was registered. Unsharp masking was required to show clearly ISS.


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