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Zolt Levay

Location of Photo:

Brown County, Indiana

Date/Time of photo:

June 12, 2020, 11:26am EDT


Nikon D850, Celestron C5 (1250mm, f/10), iOptron CEM25P mount, Baader solar (photo) filter, 1/3200 sec (0.3ms), ISO 100.


I was able to capture a transit of the International Space Station across the Sun. I used Transit Finder (https://transit-finder.com/) to pinpoint the time and place and triggered the camera manually, starting high speed continuous shooting a few seconds before the predicted time. This was a particularly good transit, near the zenith so the ISS was relatively close and relatively large in the field so the visible detail is remarkable. Also visible is the single small sunspot (AR2765) at the lower right. This is a composite of three exposures.




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