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Location of Photo:

Orlando suburbs

Date/Time of photo:

March 1-9, 2022


C11" EdgeHD @ f/10 with a ZWO ASI6200mm Pro and Chroma Ha (5nm) and OIII (3nm) filters on an AP1100 mount


Jones-Emberson 1 (PK164+31.1), a low surface brightness 14th magnitude planetary nebula in the constellation Lynx at a distance of 1600 light years. This beautiful PN was discovered in 1939 by Rebecca Jones and Richard M. Emberson. This capture took 24 hours of integrated data from a home observatory located under Bortle 7 skies outside Orlando, FL. Using a C11" [email protected] f/10 and a ZWO ASI6200mm Pro along with Chroma Ha (5nm) and OIII (3nm) on an AP1100 mount.