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shweta kuvalekar



Location of Photo:

Bradford Robotic Telescope,Observatorio del Teide site,Instituto De Astrofisica De Canarias,Tenerife,Canary Islands,Spain

Date/Time of photo:

27 April,2006 (02:15:34 UTC)


Telescope:Celestron 0.67x focal reducer, Celestron C14 optical tube. 3910mm focal length, 365mm aperture. Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope operating at f/11 with a 0.67 focal reducer to f/7.4. Field of view:24 arc minutes square Camera:FLI MaxCam ME2 fitted with a E2V CCD47-10. 1k x 1k pixels, each 13um square. Class 1 Exposure Time:50 ms processed in fits viewer applet & microsoft photo editor.


It was very tough for me to get this image.many times over exposure has ruined photo.on right side there are 6 dots.Some of them may be satellites of Jupiter.


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