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Mike Boyle Sr.



Location of Photo:

Tampa FL.

Date/Time of photo:

Oct 3rd 2AM local


12inch Dobsonion Reflector (Unguided) 70 selected frames HD video stacked in Registack. (from one pass.) Canon SX 130 compact 12X zoom into Meade 18mm X2 barlowed eyepiece to approximately 800X. Two images are stacked. This was my 12th in the series I took that night 4.7 hours after the red spot rotated out of site. (I'm attempting to get 45 to 6-0 good frames to make a movie.)


A backyard photo "Looking Up!" with very simple equipment. Even you average astronomer can get good results with practice! It was a very stable night. I love the coloring. Look how much IO moved in 10 seconds! This is my second year subscribing to your Magazine. The first year it was a gift! I'm hooked! Clear skies! Mike Boyle Tampa FL.




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