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Location of Photo:

El Dorado Hills, CA

Date/Time of photo:

May 23, 2024/12:47pm


Questar 3.5 and iPhone 12 Pro


Using the side of my south-facing home as a shield against the sun’s glare, I was able to capture Jupiter at a distance of 3.2685° away from the Sun.

Seeing with the sun that close was very difficult, and compounded by a great deal of pollen in the air. I tried looking for Venus, but could not see it. The image was taken by close-coupling my iPhone 12 Pro to the 16mm eyepiece of my Questar 3.5. The capture was handheld with no mount and no tracking, and with lots of glare; the resulting image is pretty terrible.

Visually there were no surface features evident, but it was not as bright as Venus captured the week prior (and that is the image to its right so you can see a difference in relative sizes).