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Mircea Pteancu

Location of Photo:

Arad ,Romania ,Eastern Europe

Date/Time of photo:

30 June 2015 ,timing 22:30 UTC+2 .The timing on drawing apply to the start of the whole observation session.


The instrument is my 60x828mm refractor ,on alt-az home-made piping mount.Magnification was 110x with a Celestron ''orange'' 7.5mm Plossl .A great bonus was added by Callisto heading toward an occultation by Jovian disc at 23:00 UTC+2.


Jupiter-Venus Conjunction 26 June 2015 ,from my backyard.The Conjunction at his peak.Observed naked eye,through 7x50 Fujinon binocular and 60x828mm refractor at 33x and 110x


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