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Paolo Palma

Location of Photo:

Naples (Italy)

Date/Time of photo:

2020 - 2021


Dobson Skywatcher 18" - Smartphone A5


In these last two years I have photographed with a smartphone all the stars up to magn. +5 visible from Naples (Italy) with my 18" dobson: about 1300 snaps! I have put every star out of focus to make their nuances clearer and finally I have made mosaics with them where in one glance we can see the colours of every constellation. These images all visible on my blog: http://www.unsaltonelcielo.it/costellazioni-a-colori/ My last collage with all 175 stars of Orion and Taurus constellations up to magn. +5.5 was published in the Astronomy Magazine's issue of June 2022. In these last months I have even made a unic collage with all these 1300 snaps! A colorful mosaic that I have named Kaleidocosmo, because as through a kaleidoscope it is possible to see countless transformations of colored shapes, so through this mosaic it is possible to catch at a single glance the innumerable shades of all the stars of the celestial vault visible to the naked eye! In it there are 1250 stars - 1269 if we also consider the multiple stars -, including almost all the ones within magnitude +5 visible from Italian latitudes and several others weaker but with beautiful scarlet shades, such as the famous carbon stars, stuck to each other in scale according to their apparent magnitude. I don't know if there are other similar mosaics in the world. I hope you like it and it would be fabtastc for me to see it published in the printed magazine. Kaleidocosmo is an artistic astronomical mosaic that can reveal how much the starry sky is definitely more colorful than we can imagine, so much so that it resembles an immense bunch of fragrant flowers or a casket full of precious stones. Stars' colours are definitely visible already with naked eye, although most of them become visible or more brilliant through telescopes, they are the first visible trace of the different stellar spectrums, and are - almost - the only case in which the deep sky is truly "visible in colour". I have never published Kaleidocosmo on my webpage. Attached is an low resolution copy of it. Dobson 18" - x285Smartphone: A5 - ISO800 - F2