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David Harris



Location of Photo:

Solon Springs, WI USA

Date/Time of photo:

5:05 CST


Minolta Digital Camera Equivalent 10X Optical Zoom ISO 100 1/60 sec F/3.7


January 12th 2007 5pm to 5:12pm. Solon Springs, Wisconsin. I spotted Venus at 4:59pm in the Binoculars. Within one minute McNaught was spotted above the glow of the sunset. I had about ten minutes of comet observation due to some low clouds; but the viewing was good. Not as good as January 9th due to the brightness of the sky. I would estimate the comet to be -3.5. In a perfectly clear horizon no clouds the comet will be observerable on the evening of the 13th. Enjoy, if you have clear western skys. Bring your binoculars and a video camera. I think the comet is best to video at this point. I never thought I would be saying to use a video camera over a still camera; but the evening of the 13th will be the time. The comet will be about 7 degrees to the right of Venus slightly above the horizon. McNaught should be directly located above where the sun has set. Thanks, David Harris Hayward, WI


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