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Lynn Hilborn



Location of Photo:

Grafton, Ontario

Date/Time of photo:

August 24/25 and Sept 06,2012


TEC 140 @f5.6, FLI ML8300 camera with Baader filters on a NJP Temma2 mount.


Identication of LDN 988 and environs. V1331 Cyg, a T Tauri star located in LDN 984. V1331 Cyg is known as a FU Orionis pre-outburst candidate. This star is embedded in a circumstellar bright nebulosity and is also surrounded by helix-shaped nebula originated from the star. Thanks to Bernhard Hubl for this information. 11 hour exposure taken with TEC 140 @f5.6 and FLI ML8300 camera. RGB each 2 hours (12x10m bin 1x1), Lum 5 hours (30x10m bin 1x1). Taken by Lynn Hilborn, WhistleStop Obs, Grafton, Ontario


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