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P-M Hedén

Location of Photo:

Vallentuna, Sweden

Date/Time of photo:

2006-11-19 04.50 UT


Eqiupment: Canon Digital Rebel XT on a tripod. 18-55 mm zoom lens at 18 mm, f/3.5. 10 second exposure at ISO 800


I was very lucky that the clouds over Vallentuna Sweden went away just in time for the Leonid shower. I looked out around 04.00 UT and saw a clear sky and took my car and went away to a lake nearby. I stood and wait for at last 15min without seeing any meteors, but then it started around 04.30 UT! Bright and beautiful meteors, not so many of them, so I choosed to point my Canon DLSR on a tripod towards the constellation of Orion over the lightpolluted skies of Stockholm. And after about 10s during an exposure I saw this beautiful meteor turned into fragments in the middle of the cameras direction. A very nice morning both visually and photographic!




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