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Location of Photo:

Chubbuck, ID

Date/Time of photo:

10/10/2021 10:50am


Stellarvue SVX102T 0.74Reducer, QHY268M Camera, Paramount MyT Mount, Astronomik Deep Sky RGB and 6nm NB filters


I have often imaged part of the Lobster Claw Nebula(Sh2-157) when imaging the more famous Bubble Nebula(NGC 7635). I finally took a chance and went to a little wider FOV to capture the entire Lobster Claw. What an amazing area to image. Besides the most popular nebula already mentioned, this area is full of interesting structures. Some included in this image are The Northern Lagoon (NGC 7538), Open Cluster NGC 7510, several targets from Lynd's Bright Nebula Catalog, as well as many dark nebula. This image is 15hrs of NB and 2hrs of RGB total integration time.