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Edison Urdaneta

Location of Photo:

Cagua Aragua State, Venezuela (N 10° 11' 24.00" W 67° 27' 36.00").

Date/Time of photo:

Jul 10, 2016 21:13 (01:13 UTC).


Telescope reflector aperture 130mm (5.1"), focal length 650mm, eyepiece (1.25") 13mm and Barlow 2X. Digital camera.


Theophilus (up) diameter 100 Km and depth 3.2 Km. Cyrillus (middle) diameter 98 Km and depth 3.6 Km. Catharina (down) diameter 100 Km and depth 3.1 Km. (Source Wikipedia). Software used RegiStax6 and Fitswork4. Shutter speed 1/20”, ISO 400, F 5.6 and focal length 17mm. P.S. These craters are L8 in Lunar 100. Please, see link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_100


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