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Gagandeep Singh

Location of Photo:

Chandigarh (India)

Date/Time of photo:

4th March 2007 , 05:42 AM (GMT +5:50)


Digital Camera used is Sony-Cybershot DSC S600. This is a Binoculars shot without using 'flash' and both were mounted on a stool. ISO : 200 Exposure time : 1 second F-Number : F/5.1 Focal Length : 15 mm Megapixel : 6.0


The view of the total lunar eclipse from first floor.It shows moon while leaving the Umbra region in the west direction. Maximum eclipse occured at 4:50 AM. [592 X 471 Dimentions of this photograph] This is a cropped version ,original Photo (2816 X 2112) can be found here : http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/7769/dsc02360ki4.jpg


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