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Location of Photo:

Valsyn, Trinidad and Tobago

Date/Time of photo:

15/04/14 @ 4:14 a.m.


Nikon D90 mounted on tripod with an 800 mm Catadioptric lens attached, f/5.6 with ISO 800 and 1.6" exposure time.


This photo was taken during an observation session by some members of TTAC. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the Earth in its umbra, provided that the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned. The coppery red seen comes from the red-end of light being refracted and this varies according to the local atmospheric and weather conditions. In the image at least 6 profound mares (crisis, fertility, nectar, serenity, tranquillity & vapours) can be identified as well as 3 well known craters (Tycho, Copernicus and Langrenus). Also Spica (the alpha-star) of Virgo is seen at the top left of the image. This image was taken in almost the worse case scenario conditions of "cloudy".


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