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valmir martins de morais

Location of Photo:

Juazeiro do Norte, Cear√° - Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

2012 July 25, 23h25 to 23h45 (UT)


Telescope Celestron 203 mm, f/10 witc go to. Camera Canon T1i (500D). 17,219 images to compose the mosaic of the Moon. Software: EOS Camera Movie Record V0.3.1.1 , Registax V5.1, Microsoft Image Composite Editor, Infanview V4.2 and Image Analyzer 1.2.9.


The Lunar X is an optical effect observed on the Moon with small telescopes and is caused by sunlight that appears between the ridges of the craters La Caille, Blanchinus and Purbach.


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