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Location of Photo:

Lorraine - FRANCE

Date/Time of photo:

April, 2019


ASA10'' on Paramount MyT and Moravian G2-4000 CCD


Here is the galaxy M101 that we present more. Many galaxies are in the background of the image including NGC5477. In addition, the image shows the trace of a satellite just above, to the right of M101. This is the Globalstar telecommunications satellite specializing in satellite telephony. It uses a constellation of low earth orbit telecommunications satellites to provide low-speed voice and data services to its customers with specialized mobile phones with coverage from all over the planet except polar latitudes. As its main competitor, Iridium, the company is established in the 1990s. The network becomes operational in 2000 after the deployment of 48 satellites. On the picture, it is the GLOBALSTAR M030 satellite launched in July 1999.




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