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Jon Greif

Location of Photo:

iTelescope.net Sierra Observatory, Auberry, CA, USA, remotely from La Jolla, CA, USA

Date/Time of photo:

April 26, 2019, at 12:30 am Pacific Time


Planewave 622 mm Imaging Platform (reflecting telescope).


Spring and Summer are "galaxy seasons" for astronomers in Northern Latitudes as Earth tilts away from our own Milky Way galaxy, and we get a better view of galaxies in deep space. This is one of the nearer galaxies, M106, a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Canes Venatici (the hunting dogs) not far from the bowl of the Big Dipper in the Northern Sky. M106 lies at a distance of 23.7 million light years and is similar in size to the Andromeda Galaxy (M31).




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