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Jakob Andersen

Location of Photo:

Falster, Denmark

Date/Time of photo:



Telescope: Skywatcher newtonian with 2.7x Barlow lens - Camera: ASI 1600mm pro with filter wheel


From a single star in our solar system, to many hundreds of thousands of stars :D The globular cluster M13, in the constellation Hercules, is an impressive sight, both in wide angle and close up - Here it is shot with 2700mm focal length. The cluster is just over 22000 light-years away from Earth :O The image consist of 3 hours of eksposure, where each channel has 45 minutes each - deepsky is usually something that requires extreme amounts of time, but in this case the cluster shines so brightly that the individual exposures should not be more than 30 seconds, otherwise the core burns out in the picture. The picture was a bit of a struggle to finish when I discovered my camera had turned in the telescope after I took my flat frames unfortunately - and in this case they were really needed. So the image is calibrated with the flats I had taken, and an "artificial" flat from the stacked image. I even think it has become a pretty good picture :)