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From our gallery, M15 and Pease 1.
William Warden


William Warden

Location of Photo:

Los Alamitos, CA

Date/Time of photo:

8/27-28/08, 9/27-30/08


8" LX200R scope, G11 Mount, SX AO .2 sec exposures, IDAS LPR filter, Ha CS 10 nm filter, Oiii baader 8.5 nm filter, SX H9 Camera. Luminance 28x2 min, Ha and Oiii 17x5 min each


Globular cluster M 15 augmented with narrow band filters to enhance planetary nebula Pease 1 (red object lower right of core). Pease 1 was the first planetary nebula found in a globular cluster. It was initially noted to appear very bright on a photographic plate using a Pulkovo ultra-violet filter compared to neighboring stars (otherwise of about equal magnitude). Subsequent spectrographic study revealed green lines of oxygen characteristic of planetary nebulae as well as red lines of hydrogen. A larger version is available here: http://whwastro.homestead.com/files/M15-f10-2008-800r.jpg Here's a nice article on the topic by Leos Ondra: http://www.seds.org/MESSIER/xtra/leos/pease1.html


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